About us

For starters, we’re all poor artists working our collective butts off when we’re not at our day jobs. We’ve poured a lot of time and energy in Atlas and we really can’t wait to share it with you.


Lon Nowak is a University of Oregon graduate with an entirely predictable degree for someone who likes to write. While his first love has always been novels of the fantasy variety, he just had this idea for a comic book that wouldn’t get out of his brain.  He’s been pounding his hands (and sometimes head) against the keyboard for over a year now working scripts for Atlas. That’s him on the left looking like a pretentious douche.


Jack 2Jack Ciolli is graduate from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) with a degree in sequential art. Without this man’s interest and talent Atlas would never have been a possibility. If you love to talk about/argue about comics this is your guy. Most people will never love another human being the way Jack loves comics.



LizLiz Lundblade is another SCAD Grad who has been making her way as a freelance fantasy illustrator since getting her degree in Illustration. Now she is working as the team’s transformative colorist. As a big fan of both comics and colors, this gig seemed like a natural fit.