Silverline Personnel Records

Administrative Official: Gabrielle Gutierrez

Records edited on authority of Director Evelynn Mathers


       Name: Alex Vecas

       Call sign: Atlas

Term of Service: 3 months

Ability Evaluation: N/A

Originally registered in San Francisco‘s COTRM program, Alex was transferred to the care of the NW branch with the recommendation of Director Mathers. His TRM status is rescinded until further notice pending his evaluation and acceptance into the Special Operations program. With no way to safely test his Teff abilities, Alex’s probationary period is to last until it is determined whether or not they have any application in the field. A psych evaluation from Dr. Winfried is still pending, but Alex seems to be making progress on his adjustment. Low benchmark scores are likely the result of nerves from being thrown into the Special operations program with little to no preparation. Seriously, I’ve never seen someone shotgunned through the system like this.  He seems like a sweet guy though and I’m sure we’ll all do out best to help him fit in!


Name: Ellie Ethridge

Call Sign: Eir

length of Service: 8 years

Ability Evaluation: Massively increased levels of strength. Field ready, though reliant largely on R&D for progression of abilities.

The first external recruit for the NW branch’s Special Operations team, Ellie signed up at a young age under strong recommendation of Operator Markland, Director Mathers and the Nebraska State’s Attorney. Has passed all physical aptitude tests with high benchmarks though she often struggles with the regimented lifestyle of a Silverline operative. Also, She is fiercest, most loyal person I know and I kind of love her more than anything. Would totally have her babies if that was possible.

*Edit: She is a well respected member of Silverline, a strong team player and a powerful asset.


Name: John Kinlan

Call sign: Foil

Length of service: 4 years

Ability evaluation: Superhuman levels of speed and acceleration. Weapon and tactical expertise. Field Ready.

John Kinlan, originally a UK native, was the first recruit for the special operations unit who initiated contact with Silverline. After displaying his abilities to Operator Markland, he was accepted into the program quickly and granted a temporary green card for the duration of his training. While he passed his psych evaluation, it has been noted that he is often seen as abrasive and difficult to interact with, because he is abrasive and difficult to interact with. John has shown a frighteningly high level of familiarity with weapons and a powerful commitment towards mission goals.


Name: Kaito Imahara

Call sign: Mime

Length of service: 2 years

Ability Evaluation: Rapid remote acceleration and deceleration of physical objects. Field Ready with R&D support.

Kaito arrived quietly on the steps of Silverline’s NW HQ with his parents for a meeting with our TRM department. He was then transferred to our Education and Scholarship department and finally ended up in a meeting with Operator Markland. He was immediately put through the qualifying tests and passed with high benchmarks in all but communication. Psych Evaluation was able to determine field readiness, but little else. Aside from an apparent friendship with agent Kinlan, Kaito remains distant from other members of Silverline. We’re almost positive he can talk…  


Name: Gabrielle “Gabby” Gutierrez

Job its: Operations liaison and intel officer which is fancy speak for “I sit in the van and file things.”

Length of employment: 16 years (Yeah, apparently 8 year olds can join Silverline)

Gabrielle Gutierrez has been with Silverline like…forever. *Edit: since its inception. In the NW branch only Operator Markland and Director Mathers has seniority and that’s because they were in before Silverline was Silverline. However, because of some silly corporate ordinances, she’s got about as high a position as she’s allowed. Overall, she’s not bad at what she does and she can bake a pretty mean cookie.

         *Edit: Ms. Gutierrez is a valuable member of the Silverline family and manages out intelligence division with utmost efficiency. She is an excellent liaison to our special operations unit and integral to the functionality of the team. Though perhaps a bit unprofessional at times…I would say she represents the heart and soul of Silverline.


Name: Emmet “Papa Bear” Markland

Job Title: Team Operator

Length of Service: 20 years

Operator Markland has been with Silverline since the very beginning, recruited out of the army for his assistance and management of the relief missions during the Teffler incident. He’s been collecting dust here ever since. He turned down the directorship in favor of spearheading the Northwest branch’s Special Operation program. This decision is more or less the reason for the militaristic ethos that infused the branch and has been wildly successful in optimizing the abilities of our Special Operations team and crushing our sense of whimsy. Aside from director Mathers, (and maybe myself) There is no one here at Silverline who is respected more within the branch. He’s basically everybody’s cool dad.

ImeName: Dr. Ime “Win” Winfried

Job Title: Branch Psychiatrist

Employment Length: 10 years

Dr. Winfried came into Silverline as an adjunct for a governmental study to determine the mental well being of Teffs within our various programs. Once the initial research phase was completed he was hired on as a counselor for Silverline’s Special Operations team. Being the one giving the psych Evaluations, I don’t know if he’s ever had one himself…Who watches the Winfried?

EvelynnName: Evelynn Mathers

Job Title: Northwest Branch Director of Silverline

Employment Length: 20 years

*File Redacted*