How You Can Help

The best way for you to help us out here at Team Atlas is to donate through our Gumroad links (click any of the download links beneath the covers) or our soon to be launched Patreon page.

We want nothing more than to share our work and our stories with you all and so we make sure to always offer Atlas for free online and for download. (Just remember to punch “0″ into the price box!) That being said, everyone on Team Atlas is also managing their day job and then coming home to work on this comic. We love what we do, but we also really want to make sure we can get out and see our wonderful fans at conventions and get physical copies of Atlas into your hands! Right now, all of the money will be going towards plane flights, convention costs and printing. One day we dream of maybe being able to use those monies for an extra helping of ramen or even a sampling of some of Portland’s incredible food carts…but we digress.

Your support really does mean the world to us. We want to keep the comics coming and keep everyone involved happy.

As always, even if you don’t have any money to throw our way, you can help by sharing us on social media and following us on facebook!